Analysis of complimentary notch loaded multifrequency compact printed antenna

Sudipta Das, Sabir Ali, Bikram Lala


A single layer single feed rectangular microstrip antenna is designed and parametrically studied. Multifrequency operation is achieved along with the compactness. Complimentary symmetrical slots have been added at the edges of the patch with an extra slot placed diagonally at its top right corner to achieve multifrequency with a reduced size. It has been found that modifying the length and the width of the slots result in a rapid change in the prospect of frequency, gain, VSWR etc. The simulated result of the proposed antenna shows that it resonates at 3.79 GHz, 5.43 GHz, 5.83 GHz and 6.44 GHz. The proposed antenna has achieved 56.52% size reduction as compared with the conventional rectangular microstrip patch antenna. A profound evaluation of the radiation pattern, gain, voltage standing wave ratio, reflection coefficient (S11  parameter) and radiation efficiency of the proposed antenna is discussed in this paper. 

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