Application of Exp(Phi(Xi))-expansion method for Tzitzeica type nonlinear evolution equations

Md. Rafiqul Islam, Harun-Or- Roshid


The idea of Exp(Phi(Xi))-expansion method is used to construct new profuse exact traveling wave solutions of Tzitzeica type nonlinear evolution equations. By means of this method, three types of exact traveling wave solutions for each Tzitzeica type equations are obtained, including the hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions. The obtained results show that Exp(Phi(Xi))-expansion method is very powerful, effective and convenient mathematical tool for non-linear evolution equations in science and engineering.


Exp(Phi(Xi))-expansion method; Tzitzeica equation; Dodd-Bullough-Mikhailov equation; Tzitzeica-Dodd-Bullough equation; traveling wave solutions

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