Abundant Exact Traveling Wave Solutions of the (2+1)-Dimensional Couple Broer-Kaup Equations

Mohammad Mobarak Hossain, Harun-Or- Roshid, Md. Abu Naim Sheikh


To describe the propagation of small amplitude waves in nonlinear dispersive media, it is frequently necessary to take account of dissipative mechanisms to perfectly reflect real situations in many branches of physics like plasma physics, fluid dynamics and nonlinear optics. In this paper, the exp(-Fi(Eta))-expansion method is employed to solve the (2+1)-Dimensional couple Broer-Kaup equations as a model for wave propagation in nonlinear media with dispersive and dissipative effects. As a result, a number of exact traveling wave solutions including solitary wave and periodic wave have been found for the equation. Some representative 3D profiles and 2D profiles for different values of variables of the wave solutions are graphically displayed and discussed.


The exp(-phi(zi))-expansion method; traveling wave solutions; the (2+1)-dimensional couple Broer-Kaup equations; nonlinear evolution equations

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