Subjective nature of Reality: The Metabrain and Schroedinger’s Cat

Thomas G. Schumann


We show that according to quantum theory and special relativity that “objects†do not have independent existence or characteristics. We argue that reality consists of highly correlated but distinct streams of consciousness possibly created by a “metabrainâ€. 


Quantum mechanics; subjective nature of reality, entangled particles, metabrain

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Thomas. G. Schumann, “Reality and Consciousness: the Metabrain and the Quantumâ€, (Publisher: The Round Thing, available at 2013

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An English translation is available in J. A. Wheeler and W. H. Zurek, Quantum Theory and Measurement (Princeton University Press, NJ. 1983) p. 152

R. Sperry, “Hemisphere deconnection and unity in conscious awarenessâ€, American Psychologist, 23 (10), 723 (1968)


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