Gross alpha and gross beta radioactivity of ground water samples from Wudil and Environs

Miftahu Gambo Idris


Radioactivity in ground water is due to alpha, beta and gamma radiations from the dissolved radioactive mineral’s composition. Eighteen ground water samples (from boreholes and hand-dug wells) were collected across various communities within Wudil local government area. The gross alpha and gross beta radioactivity were determined by a gas-flow proportional counter (MPC2000B-DP model). The measured activity concentration of gross alpha and beta were compared with standard and reported data from other countries, majority of the water samples were found to exceed the recommended value of 0.1 and 1.0 Bq L-1 respectively for gross alpha and beta in drinking water. The results indicated that the gross alpha and gross beta radioactivity were enhanced by the presence of mineral Kaolin in the area. This may constitute radiological health related risk to the populace over a long period of time. Therefore, incorporation of reverse osmosis technology in boreholes will help reduce the radiological burden of the public in the area. The results from this monitoring campaign are important for the human radiation exposure and provide the zero point, which will be useful for assessing future effects due to human activities.

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