Omnidirectional reflection band in multi-layered graphite film based one dimensional photonic crystal nanostructure

Vinod Chacko, Sonia Bansal, Aurangzeb khurram Hafiz


We report  the omnidirectional reflection (ODR) in one dimensional photonic crystal (PC) structure consisting of alternate layers of  Graphite as material of low refractive index and Tellurium (Te) as material of high refractive index. The effects of the incidence angles on the spectral reflectance have been investigated using transfer matrix method (TMM).  The proposed structure gives 100% reflection within a wide range of wavelengths in the visible-near IR region and can be used effectively in wavelength filters, optical resonators and mirrors for visible-near IR region of electromagnetic spectrum. Due to considerable control of absorption of low frequency radiation in graphite, the damping and skin effect in the PC are also suppressed. The investigation has also been made for the study of role of ambient medium and the effect of number of layers in formation of ODR.


photonics; photonic crystals; omnidirectional reflector; transfer matrix method; graphite based 1D PC; 1D PC

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