Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna with Dual Frequency Tuning Characteristics using E-Shaped Defected Ground Plane Structure

Avijeet Negel


Study of the effect of ‘‘E’’- shaped defected ground structure (DGS) on frequency tuning and size reductions of a square microstrip antenna in comparison with the conventional and slit added compact patches are presented. It has been shown, how the variation of the arms of the E-shaped slot embedded in the ground plane results in frequency shifting. By changing the length of the slot, the lower resonant frequency (f1) of the proposed antenna can be tuned from 3.94 GHz to 2.13GHz and higher resonant frequency can be tuned from 5.14GHz to 3.99 GHz. A significant size reduction of about 86% has been achieved compared to the conventional rectangular microstrip reference antenna.

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