Roadmap to a Cosmic Model that Supports Nonphysical and Nonlocal Phenomena

Olav Drageset


Dark matter and dark energy have characteristics in common with other enigmatic phenomena, such as quantum waves, entanglement and mental activity. They all seem to have nonphysical or nonlocal qualities. Basic assumptions of string theory are discussed to find a new understanding of the theory that is capable of modelling nonphysical and nonlocal phenomena. The six extra spatial dimensions of string theory are proposed to be open and capable of modelling two additional parallel, nonphysical universes/branes that can be observed by introspection and referred to as mental. The predicted extra particles of string theory are understood to be nonphysical, populating the nonphysical universes, unable to collide with physical matter, but having a mutual influence by means of gravity, such as required by the string theory. Dark matter and dark energy could exist in these two parallel universes and could be the storage medium of our memories and personality. The negative solution of the energy equation could point to a real phenomenon in this model, - negative energy could be the seat of consciousness in a separate fourth parallel universe/brane.


nonphysical, string theory; mind; consciousness; negative energy

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